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A new book from the publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Pre-Publication price! Chiropractors don t graduate from school knowing how to run a business. And when they confront today s brutal business environment, they often struggle or even end up leaving the profession. But chiropractic practice leaders shouldn t despair. Not only is it possible to survive, it s possible to be successful from Day One, writes Drew Stevens, PhD, a renowned consultant who has helped hundreds of practices go from sagging profits to robust earnings. In simple language, Dr. Stevens offers chiropractors all of the techniques they need to improve their operations, strengthen their brand and build long-term patient loyalty. The book offers methods increase patient volume by as much 40% and shares protocols which can substantially reduce the amount of labor needed to run your practice. Throughout Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue, Dr. Stevens shares tried-and-true techniques that you can use to build a rock-solid business, including methods for developing a patient-centered culture and strategies for developing a high-profile, efficient practice. As a BONUS, Dr. Stevens also provides a valuable collection of templates and forms to help practices run their business, including pre-written letters, activity templates, prioritization forms, a tracking spreadsheet, marketing activity templates and contact lead sheets. The templates alone are worth the price of the book! You know that chiropractors face an environment with challenges like marketing, patient retention, staff management and insurance industry pressures dragging down profits daily. But you can get all the guidance you need to build or expand your business from an internationally-known expert who understands the problems you face. The author offers a blueprint for success that any practice can leverage to turn around their business. Chiropra
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