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I need textbooks for my upcoming course, but the bookstore is closed. What should I do?

Textbooks can be ordered right here via the bookstore website. Click on the “PURCHASE TEXTBOOKS” tab at the top of the home page, select your term and program and then select from the courses listed.

I am on the bookstore’s website, but I don’t see my course listed. What now?

If you do not see your upcoming course listed, please send an email to We can troubleshoot for you!

I’m trying to use the search bar on the bookstore site to search for an ISBN number but nothing comes up…help!

Try entering the ISBN number without dashes or spaces. The search bar only recognizes a complete 10 or 13-digit ISBN number (example: 9781234567890 or 0123456789).

I normally use a book voucher to purchase my books from the bookstore. Can I still do this?

Yes! Please contact the financial aid office at to see if you are eligible to receive a book voucher. 

What if I need to purchase supplies or equipment for my class?

We’ve got you covered! Browse through our site to shop around for supplies, equipment and more.

Since all of Parker’s courses are not being delivered online, is it possible for me to get an ebook instead of a hard copy?

Yes! Please click on the "PURCHASE TEXTBOOKS" tab at the top of the home page. Once you select your program, term and course all available course materials will appear. If there is an ebook available for your course, that option will be displayed along with the textbook(s). 

Can I arrange to pick my order up from the bookstore or from campus instead of having it shipped to my home?

The bookstore and campus are currently closed. We are only shipping orders at this time.

What method does the bookstore use to ship orders? Do I have to pay for shipping?

The bookstore uses FedEx ground to ship out all packages. There is a shipping cost which varies depending on where the package is going. Once you enter your ship-to information on the checkout page, a shipping quote will be displayed before your order is finalized. 

I placed on online order, but I received the wrong product. What should I do?

Please send an email to We’ll be happy to assist!

I placed an order for a textbook through Amazon, but the book did not come with the access code that I need for my class. Can the bookstore help?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that a book purchased through Amazon, Chegg or other third party sites will contain all of the complete access and materials that you need. We can order a separate access code for you, but there is a separate cost associated with this. Please contact us at for further assistance.

Are students able to use their print money for purchases?

Printing funds are unable to be used through the bookstore at this time.