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Our 3.5v portable sets were designed with healthcare students in mind.

Desk sets provide a compact, yet still portable office or clinic solution to your diagnostic needs.

The ADstation wall system, like our ADview® Diagnostic station, is modular and expandable. And it can even be combined WITH the ADview® to create an efficient Diagnostic center that improves workflow and ultimately patient care. The ADstation can be equipped with as few as a single instrument or can be expanded with up to three extension modules. Add our Diagnostix Clock aneroid or ADview for blood pressure, temperature and SPO2. Optional Bluetooth allows vitals collection in the practice EHR.

The line of 3.5v instruments includes Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, a Throat Illuminator, and a Dermascope in a variety of “platforms” including portable sets, desk sets and wall mounted modular systems. This line of nearly 700 new SKUs complements our enormously popular line of 2.5v portable and pocket EENT instruments that have come to dominate the category at their price points. The new line, branded Diagnostix (a brand extension of our premium pro-grade sphygmomanometers) and ADstation (for the wall systems), finally provides ADC with a comprehensive product line to address virtually all of the healthcare market’s “core” diagnostic needs. From neuro hammers and penlights, to stethoscopes, sphygs, temperature, SpO2, NIBP and now, EENT, we have it all. Whether you’re a medical student buying your first set of diagnostic and physical exam instruments